Organizing Upgrade:
Field Report

Posted on 25th October in Political Opinion

I posted the following excerpted field report in response to the question: What are you doing – as a community organizer / organization – to engage with the #Occupy movement? What are your reflections?

EXCERPT: Accept Political Difference, Focus on Vision
What helps multiple groups using multiple approaches to social change, from direct action to legislative solutions, to have collective impact is a simple goal or vision to move towards. For the civil rights movement, the north star was racial equality. Occupy and we as The Left have a window of opportunity to explode into a movement of the 99% that is bigger than the encampments (with encampments or other sites of struggle as key epicenters). As we step up to this moment, we need to focus on creating our north star. We need to dialogue about it internally as well as project our visions to the broader public.