Art is the residue of the creative process.Anasa Troutman

Creative Arts Projects

I liked to draw and make things since I was little. However, my creative practice dwindled as I grew older. From spending days drawing fantasy characters as a kid, I transitioned to solely developing community organizing propaganda as a young adult. Folks knew they could count on me to design t-shirts, paint banners, or design fliers. As time went on, my artist identity became increasingly marginalized and compartmentalized – even closeted.

At 30 years of age, I had a serious episode of burnout that involved a total transformation of my life. I got divorced, transitioned from my job, and downsized from a house to one room. What an opportunity to rebuild in a new way! I committed to Buddhism, reconnected to my love of arts, and started a consulting business.

Since then, I have realized that art is my connection to the Creator; what matters to me is not the art I produce but the process of doing something that I don′t ″know″ how to do.  Painting is a practice of risk taking and freedom – an attempt to live on the canvas in a way that perhaps one does not live off the canvas… yet.  In tapping our creativity as a community, we heal, we manifest, we come into being anew. Our individual and collective transformation depends on nurturing creativity.

Deepening my centralization of the creative self continues. Below I share with you a mix of community and personal arts projects that represent the ″residue″ of that evolution. Please do not hesitate to contact me about arts projects and collaborations!