Don’t Get Stuck in the Muck!
Six Common Pitfalls of Emerging Alliances

Posted on 8th September in Consulting Advice, Political Opinion

Article originally posted on Let’s Talk: At the Heart of Movement Building.

Close your eyes and imagine the worst collaborative meeting ever.

You know, the one that feels like a big dysfunctional family? The one where everyone’s worried because funding’s on the line, where the organizers and services people don’t trust each other, where the small scrappy groups feel the well established organizations are getting all the shine, where no one actually believes anything collaborative is going to get done?

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Movement Lie #4:
Parenting Makes You Less Effective

Article originally posted on Let’s Talk: At the Heart of Movement Building, February 2014.

Becoming a parent is a doozy for anyone. And it plays out in specific ways for folks who have made their life about progressive social change. Consciously or not, most of us have fallen prey to one of the biggest movement lies around: the belief that parenting makes it hard to be an effective activist.

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Growing Wings:
Evolving Out Of the Non Profit Industrial Complex

Posted on 15th December in Political Opinion

Article originally posted on Fast Forum.

THE SILVER LINING: You know that curse which becomes a blessing in disguise?  That’s what faced INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence five years ago when it chose to search for opportunity in what appeared to be a crisis.

Here’s the back story: In February 2004, INCITE! received a letter from the Ford Foundation letting them know that they’d been awarded a $100,000 general support grant.   A short time later, however, a Ford Foundation board member decided to conduct some independent research on INCITE!.  Upon finding a statement supporting the Palestinian Liberation struggle on the organization’s website, the board member challenged Ford’s support of INCITE and the board  voted to pull the grant.

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Organizing Upgrade:
Field Report

Posted on 25th October in Political Opinion

Organizing Upgrade:<br />Field Report

I posted the following excerpted field report in response to the question: What are you doing – as a community organizer / organization – to engage with the #Occupy movement? What are your reflections?

EXCERPT: Accept Political Difference, Focus on Vision
What helps multiple groups using multiple approaches to social change, from direct action to legislative solutions, to have collective impact is a simple goal or vision to move towards. For the civil rights movement, the north star was racial equality. Occupy and we as The Left have a window of opportunity to explode into a movement of the 99% that is bigger than the encampments (with encampments or other sites of struggle as key epicenters). As we step up to this moment, we need to focus on creating our north star. We need to dialogue about it internally as well as project our visions to the broader public.